Clef du Vin 3 Piece Elegance Set


Take the guesswork out of collecting with this invaluable tool made from a mix of precious metals that ages your wine 1 year for each second the alloy is in contact with the wine.

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Clef du Vin gradually modifies the organoleptic qualities of your wine (taste, smell, flavors, bouquet) and reveals the wine that you will see after years of aging.

Made for all wines, Clef du Vin will age the wine 1 year for each second that the alloy is in contact with the wine. Two seconds equals 2 years, 3 seconds equals 3 years, etc.

Simply dip the Clef du Vin into the wine, taste and compare before and after. Continue dipping until the wine reaches your favorite age.

Clef du Vin culminates 10 years of research and incorporates 4 international patents. According to the University of Bordeaux, “On the 3 diagrams we notice a normal evolution corresponding to the aging of the wine that could take place in bottles. Tasting reveals flagrant modifications regarding the tannins. After 3 seconds the wine seems more round with an open bouquet.”

The Elegance 3-piece set includes a pocket tool, a service tool and a tool for bottles, all with cherrywood accents and packaged in a gift box.


Condition: Brand New
Weight: 2.5 lb

Weight 2.5 lbs