Complete Decanter Cleaning Kit


Gently clean and dry your decanters, and remove tough stains, keeping them sparkling and spot-free.

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Use our specially-designed tools for decanters that are sparkling and spot-free.

Start with Crystal Care 2000 cleaning liquid and our long decanter brushes to gently scrub your decanters, even where hands and fingers can’t reach. The foam brush provides gentle cleaning, and the vinyl wire bush provides more scrubbing action when necessary. Additionally, use our Crystal Clear Powder and cleaning beads to remove dried and difficult wine stains.

Once cleaned, use our microfiber clothes to dry the outside of the decanter, then place upside down on the stainless steel stand. to air-dry the inside .

This kit includes:

  • Foam Decanter Brush
  • Vinyl Wire Brush
  • Crystal Care 2000, Set of 2
  • Crystal Clear Powder
  • Decanter Stainless Steel Cleaning Beads
  • Decanter Drying Stand
  • Riedel Microfiber Polishing Cloths Set of 3


Condition: Brand New
Size: 6 3/4w x 6 3/4d x 13h (in)
Weight: 2 lb

Weight 5 lbs

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