Coravin Replacement Argon Capsules Set of 2


Genuine Argon replacement capsules are compatible the Coravin 1000 system and protect wine from oxidation.

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Argon is an inert gas, heavier than air, that creates a layer and sits on top of the wine to keep it from oxidizing. Argon does not react with wine, and has no effect on its taste profile. These capsules are designed to work exclusively with the Coravin 1000 System.

Coravin’s proprietary cap creates a seal within the system so that, even months after initial use, no gas will escape.

To replace a capsule in the Coravin system, slide the clamp up to access the black cup containing the capsule, twist the black cup off the unit, remove the empty capsule, and place the replacement in the cup. Twist the cup back onto the unit quickly and tightly, giving an extra half turn for proper seal. Slide the clamp down until it snaps into place, and press the trigger to release a short burst of gas to test the new capsule.

Each capsule allows you to pour up to 15 glasses of wine (5 oz pours). Capsules are non-returnable.

Argon gas preserves wine in the bottle
Includes 2 Argon gas capsules
For use with the Coravin 1000

Condition: Brand New
Weight: 0.5 lb

Weight 1.5 lbs

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