Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir/Burgundy Wine Glasses Set of 2


These glasses are perfect for other full-bodied, low-tannin red wines including Barberesco, Barbera, Barolo, Gamay and Nebbiolo.

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The 24% lead crystal highlights and brightens the appearance of the wine.
The wide bowl exposes more wine to air to intensify bouquet and gives you plenty of room to swirl.
The perfectly-tapered shape directs the wine to the tip of your tongue, the area most sensitive to the distinctive flavor of Pinot Noir varietals.
Sold in a pack of Set of 2.

The Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir/Burgundy glass enhances your enjoyment of all Pinot Noir wines including, of course, Burgundies.

“What do customers say?
Pros: “Makes the wine taste better”, “Beautiful”, “Practical”, “Great shape”, “Reasonably priced”, “Perfect for entertaining”, “Easy to replace”
Cons: “Delicate”, “Have to be careful with them”, “Requires hand washing”
Why people pick this glass over similar glasses?
Burgundy glasses have a wider shape than Bordeaux, Cabernet and red wine glasses.
The Vinum Burgundy glass is about 1/4 the price of Riedel’s Sommeliers equivalent.
Riedel has a loyal following among wine lovers, and strikes many as the right balance between design and value.

Design parameters are based on the characteristics of the Pinot Noir varietal
Enhances the flavor, bouquet, and overall pleasure of wine
Machine-made with over 24% lead crystal

Condition: Brand New
Capacity: 24.75 oz
Size: 8 1/4h (in)
Weight: 2.7 lb

Weight 2.7 lbs

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